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FBA Prep Services

Take prepping inventory off your hands with a reliable Prep Center

Portland Prep Center was created by FBA Sellers for FBA Sellers. We know what our clients are looking for when they need a facility to handle their inventory. A few of the peace-of-mind perks when working with us include Tracking Code scan in on receival, automated inventory reports(received & shipped units), FNSKU Scan to box on outbound, Outbound Box Pictures and much more!

Man Scanning a Product

How we use technology to maintain a reliable prep service

We have developed systems to provide our clients insight into every facet of the logistical portion of their Amazon business. Upon receival we scan Tracking numbers on delivery, each item is then scanned into our software and prepped to Amazon's guidelines(sometimes further if we feel the items need more attention). A receival report is then generated and sent to your email. Items are then shipped at by our outbound team where photos are taken of your outbound boxes.

We document every step of the process with technology to give you peace-of-mind and added documentation if a claim is needed to be made on Amazon.

A two-step process for every shipment for even more accuracy

We want our clients to grow and not suffer from any shortages or any wrongfully labeled items after the product has been checked into Amazon. How do we do this? We have two teams, Our inbound prep team and an outbound shipments team. We work tirelessly to maintain accurate counts and rightfully labeled items for our clients. A headache for your business is a headache for ours, and we want to stop any issues before they leave our warehouse.

A two-step accuracy check with two separate teams assessing your products lets us achieve our 99.99%+ inventory prep accuracy rate. This is crucial for Arbitrage business models especially. 


Communication, an integral part of our partnership

As previous sellers, we know the importance of communication when something needs attending. When you work with us you're in touch with Account Manager on the warehouse floor. Our instant chat connects you with problem solvers ready to fix any issues you may encounter with inventory. By utilizing instant chat within our software problems are solved in a speedy fashion & information can be passed with full visibilty.

What we prioritize


Inventory received within 1 business day


99.97+% Prep accuracy. Items prepped and labeled correctly


We have an instant chat answering target within 30 minutes, harder solutions within 24 hours

Don't just take our word for it

See what our clients are saying

A few stats about us

4 Million +

3.5 Years

Units Prepped and Shipped to Amazon

We've been doing business since 2020


Clients using our services

$75 Million +

In prepped product revenue for our customers 

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amazon FBA prep ready shoes

A prep center for any product

We can prep any item! We prep and bring items to the standard Amazon requires so that all inventory will arrive in your customers hands safely. This means a happy consumer and more 5 star ratings!

Item Wrapping (Professionally shrink wrapped or Polybag)

Fragile & Liquids

Oversize units

Shoes & Apparel? We've got you covered

We prep our shoes to look new and up to Amazon's standards. No box? No problem! No tissue paper? We've got the answer! Shoes tied like a 3rd grade kick ball athlete? We'll fix that.

10,000's of shoes prepped and ready for Amazon

12 Point inspection and prep process for a premium consumer

Lower your return rate with our thorough inspection process

prepped items prep center
usamap portland location


Our Warehouse Location

Located in Sales Tax-Free Oregon this is one of the many incentives to use our services. We are also located less than 800 miles away from SMF3 one of Amazons largest fulfillment centers (cheap shipping to Amazon!)

Why join us?


We realize logistics is an important component to your business, and we take this seriously. Communication, handling and shipping your products is done with speed, care, and a proven process.

portland prep center team work


Get your products shipped fast after they are delivered to our warehouse. Shipments are created after 20 units can be shipped to Amazon. For example, for larger sellers shipping more than 20 units you would experience daily shipments to Amazon. Our process helps you beat the competition in case a listing does become saturated with sellers.


Communication as a team in any sport is paramount to taking home victory. We want your business to find victory every day, and to do this we find solid communication as a team is key to winning. We fix problems with haste and our processes can save you money with common unforseen Amazon issues. We double-check your Amazon listings for the correct product when it is checked into prep at our facility, saving you time and eventually money if the product is returned.

Instant Chat

Amazon listing Double-Check

Imaging Broken Inventory Receivals

Returning to Suppliers

& Much more

amazon truck leaving prep center

A few stats about us

4 Million +

3.5 Years

Units Prepped and Shipped to Amazon

We've been doing business since 2020


Clients using our services

$75 Million +

In prepped product revenue for our customers 

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