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Join Portland Prep Centers Affiliate Progam

Earn 7.5% Per Month of Referall Revenue. 


Affiliate Program Structure

Our commission structure is based on subscriptions. We provide a 7.5% revenue share of each referall that signs-up to Portland Prep Center. There are no limits to earnings and this commission is recurring.  We want this to be a lucrative revenue stream for our partners so we can grow together. If this is something you are interested in click the "Start Earning Today" button and let's get growing!

How to join

Click the "Start Earning Today" Button, create your account and grab your personal affiliate link



Tell other businesses/people about Portland Prep Center and Share your link with them


Get paid! Start earning as soon as they start spending! 

  • What is the average turn-around time for a prep job?
    Orders are typically sent through our "Prep Pipeline" and sent to Amazon within 2-48 hours(we do not prep on weekends) of us receiving the FBA shipment confirmation from you.
  • How quickly do you receive product into your system once it's delivered?
    Currently we receive all products delivered to us within 2-48 Hours (we do not receive on weekends). Typically receivals happen within a few hours of the Shipping Carrier dropping off the deliveries.
  • Do you guys offer Storage and Forwarding Services?
    Yes we do! Please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist!
  • Why do you have a monthly minimum?
    We have a 100 Unit monthly minimum in place to insure our time is used as effectively as possible. We want your items processed and out to Amazon as quickly as our team can receive, prep and ship. Having a minimum lets our systems & processes run smoothly.
  • Do you require Seller Central Permissions?
    We only require you to Authorize your account through our Software. Our software only pulls MSKU Information from Seller Central and Amazon dimensions for those products.
  • What counts as oversize?
    Any item over 18" on any side or over 5lbs.
  • What counts as Wholesale & Private Label?
    To qualify for our Wholesale and Private Label prepping service, first reach out to us. Typically this includes SKUs with over 100 units being prepped and shipped to Amazon.
  • Do you do FBM(Fulfilled by Merchant)?
    Yes we do!
  • Can I continuosly send you shipments?
    Of course! Once we receive and scan in your products you can then create shipments for us to fulfill. We then pick the correct units to prep, pack and send into Amazon.
  • Do you offer long term storage?
    We are currently very limited on space. Please reach out to an account manager before sending products intended for long term storage.
  • What do I need to start?
    Click "Start Today" go through our software guide and join our service. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly!
  • Do you accept products with Lithium Ion Batteries?
    We do not currently accept products with Lithium Ion Batteries

Questions? We are happy to help!

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