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FBM Returns Setup

Portland Prep Center Can easily handle your FBM Returns. By utilizing us as your FBM Returns partner we give you clarity into your inventory and an easy process to update product inventory levels once we receive your Returns from customers.

What to understand first:

Items that are returned in NEW condition will automatically be re-inventoried for FBM, it is up to you to update Seller Central with the correct inventory levels.

Items in Unsellable or Used condition will be placed under your Fix Issues tab and it will be up to you to decide what you would like to do with the inventory.

How to Setup Automatic Returns to Portland Prep Center

Step 1: Head into your Seller Central and click on the settings cog on the top right. Click Return Settings

Step 2: On the USA part of the table insure label type is pre-selected as Amazon Prepaid

Step 3: For the next step click on Manage Return Addresses

Step 4: Set your return address as our Warehouse address for every Marketplace on this list

Step 5: Your Address should be RETURNS Your Business Name Portland Prep Center Address


RETURNS Jerrys Store
3342 NE 26th Ave
Suite B
Portland, OR 97210

Step 6: Return Program Settings tab - Select what you believe is best for your business

And that’s it on your end! Your returns are ready to be sent to Portland Prep Center. 

So what happens when we receive your returns?

New inventory: Placed back into your Portland Prep Center Inventory. You can easily track this with inbound shipments marked FBM Returns *Date*. You will need to update your inventory after we have received your returns on Seller Central.

Used or Unsellable Inventory: These items are received and marked Unsellable on our software just like with our FBA process. Unsellable items will be found in your Fix issues tab and you will also receive an email from our team with the issues pertaining to the inventory.


We will scan tracking numbers as returns arrive into the inbound shipments that we will create for you.

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